Hello pawbly friends! We are very excited to be gaining a new rescue GSD to…

Hello pawbly friends! We are very excited to be gaining a new rescue GSD to our home. In the past, whenever the first introduction has occurred, it has been during the day and we have been able to have a nice long walk including all the dogs involved and then after they’re good and acquainted and tired, we go int the house. This rescue is a little different as the pick up time is late Sunday night. My two dogs will be “in bed”. My thinking is to bring them outside one at a time to greet the new addition, and then take a short nighttime walk and then all go in together. Please share any wisdom to help make the transition as smooth as possible? Thanks!!!??

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Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Hello, I would either do what your plan is, if it’s not too late and if I have the stamina to have the night be longer than I planned OR. I would take He new dog for a long long walk after a dinner meal (always feed after transport). And then put him in a cage at the farthest corner of the house so he can sleep (and everyone else can too). In the morning I would do the intros. I just think that this pup will be stressed already and there’s no sense stressing yours after bedtime. Your new… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Thank you for rescuing! ?❤️? love you guys!