Hello, My name is Cyre and imaged is my Dog Sara’s spay… to me it …

My name is Cyre and imaged is my Dog Sara’s spay… to me it looks infected, but this is the first time I’ve ever taken my dog to be fixed,. And I’m unsure. I don’t see any bleeding or discharge. But it looks a bit swollen and pinkish, mind you it’s only 3 days old, she barely came home from surgery Wednesday evening. Anyway Sara’s 9months old and very energetic although we’ve haven’t had her run or anything. Take her on a mild walk morning and night for potty breaks and stuff, but I’m afraid even the the walking might be too much for her wound. If anyone has insight on how to care for it or keep it clean it’d be greatly appreciated

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2 years ago

Good morning- if it is not warm to the touch, and she is not showing signs of distress (lack of appetite, lethargy, etc.) I would say it is just part of the healing process. You should be going in for a follow up exam shortly anyway I would assume. Your vet can check the incision and her healing process then. If you are concerned, or it is warm to the touch and she is showing other signs of trouble, I would call the vet who did the surgery and ask to have her seen immediately.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I agree with Sarah! I think it looks ok, but I never diagnose by a photo as you need to use all of your sense and fingers to assess a patient, Please call your vet and ask them to check it for you. Its always better to be safe than sorry. As long as she is acting normal I think you have a day or two to be seen. I hope this helps. Thank you for having her spayed.