Hello. My cat was spayed 4 days ago and I have been noticing some swelling around the …

Hello. My cat was spayed 4 days ago and I have been noticing some swelling around the incision but it looked normal color and no warmth or drainage so I wasn’t worried but today upon further inspection it seems to be more of a bulge. It is semi firm to the touch. My initial thought was a hernia but it doesn’t reduce when pushed and is not soft as I would assume that would be. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and is a very active energetic cat as much as I’ve tried to keep her quiet after surgery. Is it possible this is a seroma? As it is the weekend right now I’m trying to wait till Monday to get her into the vet. A little worried but she also is acting totally fine so I hope she’s alright until Monday. Trying to attach a photo but struggling. Gonna try to add it in a comment below. Any thoughts would help ease my racing mind. Thanks.

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico (@kristamagnifico)
1 year ago

Hello, The only way to know what the swelling is is to talk to a vet who can examine her. If she is acting normally and if the area is not showing signs of infection; pain, swelling, redness, warm to the touch, or discharge that is thick, malodorous and or yellow/purulent, then you are probably ok to wait until Monday when your vet opens. Some swelling is normal but all swelling should be seen by a vet ASAP. And all cats not acting normally need a vet ASAP. Keep her calm, quiet and under right monitoring and see a vet,… Read more »