Hello. My 16 year old female burmese “crashed” Feb 29, and March 2nd was diagnosed with Feline Lower …

Hello. My 16 year old female burmese “crashed” Feb 29, and March 2nd was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease.
Her Kidney values are now stable and her only elevated numbers are Creatanine at 2.6 and Bun at 46
but her bladder keeps flaring up

When diagnosed she was shooting projectile urine. Her bladder wall was thickened. Covenia did nothing but Amoxycillin resolved the infection.
2 months later she had a couple of accidents and it appeared that she had another infection. Once again Amoxycillin worked! She had a culture done and it showed no bacteria..

She has been taking supplements Kidney Gold, and Moxxor Fish Oil since April, and started CBD oil around June
Late July I started her on D-Mannose and COrn Silk Extract as suggested in the FLUTD facebook group
last month she started peeing blood clots, Vet instructed me to give her Sub Q 100ml to flush her and start amoxycilin immediately.. 7 day course and she was fine, but 2 days after the course finished was a repeat episode.
This time the vet suggested a higher dose at 1ml morning and night for 10 days.. Well it seemed to work amazing but last night was exactly FIVE DAYS after stopping the amoxycillin and she had another episode

We are doing a third round of antibiotics, this time amoxy mixed with something stronger..
He asked me to stop the corn silk and D-Mannose completely since they were the newest added to the regeme and he is wondering if they could have changed her bladder PH for the negative.

How can I minimize the recurrence?

Oh I have read all about stress being the cause and my new born baby was 4 months old at the end of Feb when Tashee had her first crash.

My vet and I talked about future possibilites in regard to Amitriptaline, Gaberpenton, Adequan injections

Cat’s diet = she refuses any wet food besides kitten fancy feast.. she will not eat anything else and will starve herself.
She is offered 2 fancy feast cans per day
she does steal dry kibble so my vet told me to get the Royal Canin Kidney kibble so that when she eats kibble its good for her

Sub q is 150ml twice a week as to minimize the pressure or force on urethra.

Cat is 100% indoors, burmese female steralized

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, Wowza. That’s quite a story. I think I would recommend the following options to discuss. 1. Seek a feline exclusive practitioner. If available they are really helpful for the tough cases. 2. Consider an ultrasound. 3. Add cosequin daily 4. Consider an iv fluid hospitalization to really flush out the bladder 5. Xray of the body. May or may not need to do if doing ultrasound 6. Add a fountain, feliway and lots of litter options. Even a very low litter box like a baking sheet. 7. Environmental enrichment. Toys. Catnip. Window seat with bird feeder view. Etc. Let… Read more »