Hello! I’ll show the vet the video as well, but that won’t be for …


I’ll show the vet the video as well, but that won’t be for some time now. Until then, could you take a look at it and let me know if this looks like FHS? Should I try to get an earlier time to check with the vet?

Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkdWxhOc1FI

More details:
New member of the community and new cat owner here, we’ve got Haku 2 months ago. She is 2 and a half years old, neutered.

Ever since we have her, she had constant mini-episodes, consisting mostly in vigorously shaking her head multiple times in a row, trying to clean her ears, and trying to run and hide from the shaking. I define a ‘mini episode’ as around 10-20 seconds of shaking during the span of 1-2 minutes.

First we attributed it to the ear mites and the fleas she had. However, the ear mites and the fleas had been treated, and the episodes do still happen, albeit at a lower rate, once or twice a week.

She also has a bit of a hard time passing stools (she only goes potty once every 2 days), so on our last vet visit they prescribed some Royal Canin GI Fiber kibble.

After 2 days of combining the prescribed kibble with her usual food, she had this episode shown in the video, which was more severe than what she usually has (it might have lasted for a good 5 minutes, with another 5-10 minutes of less shaking afterwards). As seen in the video, she also has twitches all over her body and she tries to clean herself all over.
I feel like the episode was also triggered by stress, as we brushed her teeth beforehand.

One day later (today, the 25th Oct), she also started an episode while playing. We immediately stopped to let her calm down and by the time I got the camera up, the episode stopped as well.

We thought the more severe episode could have happened partly because of the Royal Canin Fiber, as she currently is on a lower carbohydrates diet. We stopped giving her the RC kibble today, I thought I’d discuss it further with the vet.

From what I gathered with the limited data I have, these episodes could be triggered either by stress or by ‘being too excited’, as in ‘im ready to pounce and play!’. So basically strong emotions. Is this something that can happen with FHS?

I will keep a closer eye on her and try to get the camera if she ever gets another episode. I will update this post if I have any updates.

Thanks for reading through this!

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I would be very interested to hear about what your vet thinks this might be? Have you consulted them?
This is not a platform to diagnose. It is a platform to help educate and inspire. Along with sharing experiences and assistance. We are happy to help adjunct the information and care your vet provides. If needed a neurologist might also provide invaluable insight.