Hello, I work at a shelter. One of the puppies got parvo and she was given …

Hello, I work at a shelter. One of the puppies got parvo and she was given fluids subcutaneously. She was on antibiotics and has gotten through the parvo, but has gotten a horrible skin infection. (Most likely due to the needle injections given for fluids) Her skin started popping open and draining puss, and what started out as small draining spots, became larger and larger, until large sections of fur/skin sloughed off. The vet put her on Clavamox and has told us to clean with peroxide, then antibacterial soap, then apply a yellow greasy cream. I guess I question the daily peroxide as it makes her cry and it becomes so raw. I am attaching photos and they are disturbing, but the puppy is eating and drinking and I know it will be a long recovery, but I have to try. If a vet sees my post, please tell me what you think the wound care treatment should be. I think too much peroxide is harmful, but don’t know. The vet we use has given questionable care to some other dogs we have taken to her, so I need a second opinion.

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1 year ago

Oh my that looks so painful! Poor thing. I know that my vet does not recommend peroxide. I cannot remember the name of it, but she recommends this blue solution that you dilute in warm water. It looks like the peroxide is doing more harm then good😢

Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

I don’t ever use peroxide. Like ever. I’m sorry I know there is a lot of opinion in vet Med but if it’s painful we either don’t it or we administer analgesics or anesthesia. Pain is not an acceptable treatment option. Also peroxide slows cell repair. Ask your vet to seek help via a local dermatologist, your lab services company or VIN.com. I hope this helps. I applaud your wanting to help the pets in the most need. Be well and very best of luck.