Hello, I was wondering if you have had experience with Dr. Jeff’s Daily Canine Care? …

I was wondering if you have had experience with Dr. Jeff’s Daily Canine Care? My 13+ year old Beagle has some health problems and bad teeth. He currently is on proviable-DC and also takes 1/2 tablet of pepcid AC with each meal. Because of his age and health problems he is not a good candidate for teeth cleaning. Dr. Jeff’s Daily Canine Care advertised that it includes a probiotic, will help with teeth care including bad breath and other additional benefits. Wondering if this is worth a try? It costs about the same as the proviable-DC.
Thank you

This is what they advertise
l-carnatine rendering
Weight control and energy

sea kelp rendering
Sea Kelp
Supports teeth and breath

probiotics rendering
Digestive/immune health, anti-allergy

fiber rendering
Bowel and colon support

omega-3s rendering
Reduce inflammation, condition skin/coat

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
11 months ago

In my opinion bad teeth only have one good option. Dental cleaning and extractions. Everything else over the counter is false hope and wasted time. Sorry. Brutally honest. I have done loads and loads of bad dentals on older dogs. Every single time I really fretted the anesthesia and every time I have seen these guys flourish after it’s done. The longer you wait the worse it gets and the more afraid you get about doing it. There is no other good option. Sorry and good luck.