Hello, my kitten is about to become 1 year old now, she has had several…

Hello, my kitten is about to become 1 year old now, she has had several health issues that stopped recently and last was a gastro anteritis ( kept vomiting and got dehydrated) that started just around the time I changed her food from Burns to Orijen kitten (about 2 weeks later). I have her on Burns again now as recommended by my vet until she’s 1yo and am considering changing for a grain free food however I am not sure which one to chose. I do consider trying Orijen again however the protein level in that food is much higher than the level she is on right now. My cat is an exotic shorthair neutered female. Here are my 3 choices for the new food:




Would you be able to give me some advise or personal opinion?

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hello Zee, 

I am sorry your kitten wasn’t feeling well.  I am not an expert on food so sorry I can’t help there.  Has your vet run all the basic diagnostics already: ran a fecal and blood sample to rule out a medical problem before changing the diet?  Maybe the root of the problem is not the food.  You could ask your vet about seeing a specialist too.  I hope your kitten feels better soon!