shoulder hematoma/seroma in an adult dog, after microchipping

Hello animal lovers! I am seeking advice about a shoulder hematoma/seroma in an adult dog, resulting after microchipping.
I recently adopted a wonderful shelter dog. The problem started when she had to be microchipped, she was uncooperative and the technician had to do 2 insertion attempts, over the left shoulder. She bled from the injection sites for a few hours, but seemed ok otherwise.
Two days later, she jumped down out of our tall cargo van, started limping within minutes, wincing in pain, and had obvious swelling on the shoulder where the microchip was placed.
We took her to the vet, where they sedated her and placed a drain for a hematoma. The vet said there was a lot of inflammation, blood and clots. She prescribed an anti-inflammatory, no antibiotics. There was a lot of drainage the first few days, then less and less. The microchip came out, I found it on her bed one morning.
They removed the drain on day 8 with almost no fluid drainage present.
Within 36 hours of drain removal, the drain holes are well scabbed over and I can see and feel a small pocket of fluid (feels like a tiny waterbed) where the hematoma was. It is not growing, even with short walks and normal backyard activity. Her behavior is totally normal, no signs of pain or infection.
After researching, this seems to fit the bill for a seroma. I would prefer to watch and wait as long as she is acting normally instead of return to the vet for diagnosis and more possible interventions…
My questions are:
Does this sound like a seroma?
Could the hematoma have returned?
Should I go to the vet to have fluid drawn to confirm? Does it sound appropriate for me to decline another drain or aspiration as long as she is behaving normally?
Is attempting to place another microchip advisable?
Is it reasonable to assume that these are complications from a poorly done microchipping?
Any insights appreciated, thank you very much!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m glad to hear that things have resolved and seem to be doing well. I always think it is best to talk to your vet about anything that you are worried about. It is always neat to keep the lines of communication open and healthy. Usually a seroma is just fluid clear and no blood or clots. I am not a fan of draining. It can introduce infection and keep a resolving problem an active problem. But you should discuss this with your vet. I think all pets should be microchipped. Find someone who is very comfortable doing it… Read more »

2 years ago

Hi there! Thank you so much for rescuing a dog. It does sound like it could be a seroma. I think if it starts to feel warm to the touch or your dog shows signs of discomfort that you should go to the vet ASAP. However- I would express the concerns and suspicions that you have shared here with them- regardless of when your next visit is. A simple discussion and quick Q and A would help get a good relationship started between patient, client and caregiver. I highly recommend micro chipping. Perhaps during your chat you can figure the… Read more »