Kittens and Coccidiosis – Race Against Time

Hello. A few days ago, I found a litter of five abandoned kittens. They have been determined to be between four- and five-weeks old. There are three females and two males, and they are all very social. They are eating and drinking well, and we are currently in the process of weening them from formula and kitten pate to moistened kitten kibble.

Unfortunately, on Sunday afternoon, one of the female kittens (who is named Princess Butterscotch) started to show signs of Coccidiosis. Being in the country like I am, I am very familiar with the signs of the parasite. I rushed her to the emergency vet on Sunday evening, where she was diagnosed with Coccidiosis. She was put on a starter dose of both Panacur and Albon for all parasites. I was also given enough treatment to treat the other four kittens at home, because common sense dictated that they were also infected, even if not showing signs. The four whom were healthy before are still doing well. They all get .25ML of both the Panacur and Albon every evening. The last dose of Panacur will be this evening, whereas the Albon was given in an eight-day dosage.

Princess Butterscotch still has diarrhea. It is to the point where she was “poopy butt” (as we so elegantly call it), and she does not always know she is going to the bathroom. She is still eating, drinking, playing, purring, and doing all things that kittens do; however, I am distraught, because as I said, I have seen Coccidiosis in kittens before and know how quickly it can take a turn for the worst.

In all my experiences and my family’s experiences, Albon DOES NOT WORK on Coccidiosis. And even if it temporarily stops the symptoms of Coccidiosis, they reappear within 24 hours of the last dose of Albon. However, it was all the emergency vet carried. I called my regular vet this afternoon for an appointment and to discuss Ponazuril as a possible treatment, as it is the only medication we have ever found to definitely treat a kitten with Coccidia. My vet could not see me due to having no appointments. I called another vet in the area, and they also cannot see me due to having no appointments. The emergency vet I took Princess Butterscotch to on Sunday evening is not open today.

My fear is that I am going to lose this kitten. I know Albon generally takes one to two days in order to really start showing signs of improvement; however, it seems she’s getting worse and not better. I am wiping up all of her little spots on the bathroom floor with bleach cleaner, and I am making sure their litter box stays clean. However, this will all be for naught if she does not make it. I am currently treating her with some Pedialyte in order to ensure she stays hydrated until someone can see her and possibly provide her and her littermates with more effective treatments against Coccidiosis.

Any advice in the meantime would be greatly appreciated. I have not had this litter of kittens long, but it is difficult not to get attached to such wonderful, loving creatures, and I would hate to lose one because I did not do all that I could to save her life.

Because I know this will be brought forth in mind, none of the kittens are showing ANY signs of Fading Kitten Syndrome. They are all very loving, active, and social. All of them, save for Princess Buttercup, are using the litter box regularly, and they are all eating very well.

Thank you for any and all advice,
One very worried pseudo-foster mother

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1 year ago

Hi there- thanks for rescuing these kittens!!!!🐾💛 Is there no way that your regular vet can squeeze you in? Or at least get you on a list in case of cancellation? And can they recommend anything else to do in The meantime while you wait for your appointment?

1 year ago
Reply to  Sarah

Thank you for caring for these babies. According to, the most common treatment for coccidiosis is sulfadimethoxine, and that is what Albon is.


Good luck! Keep her going on the pedialyte in any case.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gloria

I tried to copy the paragraph from, but it dropped it. Anyway, that’s what it says to use.