Have a 16 year old cat that has been very sick with so much mucus coming out …

Have a 16 year old cat that has been very sick with so much mucus coming out of his nose. Been sick for for a while now. Gave him 10 days of amoxicilin from vet. He’s having a really hard time breathing from all the mucus so we have Ben doing everything possible to keep him alive cause he is a fighter. He stops breathing a lot cause h’s so clogged it’s heart breaking. We give him warm steam and humidifier along with taking him outside to get more oxegen. He stays up most of the time cause when he puts his head down it blocks his airways. I have been pulling the discharge out with a small eyedropper when the bogies show. Really hoping he can beat the illness and get better soon but vets are taking all our money with doing much. We are on limited income. I think he needs a nasal flush maybe but can’t do it myself cause of lack of knowledge and medical equipment. Please contact me at 619 453 1747 if you have any ideas. Some days he looks like he won’t make it but then other days his eyes look so clear and beautiful. We have been giving him syringes of water and blended food to help him k==p the weight on cause he stopped eating a few days ago from lack of smell. He never did drink much water but maybe cause there was some underling issue. I have a Web cam and could show you or talk to someone if they care to reach out. He is a huge part of the family for many years and I know he wants to live longer but unless he gets better soon we will be at a great losss. He has a vet appointment today but I don’t think they will offer many answers besides sending him to more specialist we can’t afford. He has been sneezing fluid for about a month. He is the sweets cat ever and would do anything to keep him around.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, It sounds like a nasal flush might be helpful. It also sounds like it is time to try to get a diagnosis to make sure this is just infection and not something more insidious like cancer. Has your cat been tested for FELV or Fiv? Have they checked or talked about a polyp? Can you call around and ask for help from any of the rescues or shelters? Or even for payment plans or billing? For cases like this I try a few antibiotics (usually clavamox, doxy and then azithromycin), and then talk about looking for a polyp. After… Read more »