Good Morning Pawbly friends- I have a corn cob question… Thursday (a week ago) Rontu threw …

Good Morning Pawbly friends-
I have a corn cob question… Thursday (a week ago) Rontu threw up a bunch of grass and a white blob. We could not figure out what the heck it was, or where he got it from. He was fine- running, playing, pooping. I always check their poo schedule and make sure it looks normal- sorry I’m weird. Anyway, Friday evening on our walk he pooped and I swear it had a chunk (pretty sizeable) of corn cob in it. We do not eat corn, so I have no idea when or how he got into corn. Especially this time of year when none of the fields around us are growing yet. Then again on Saturday morning on our long walk around 11, he passed another, much smaller chunk of cob. He had already done a normal poo at our early morning walk. He has been acting normal ever since. My original “plan” with all of this covid going on was to watch him closely and see if he passed it, which he seems to have. He is having normal bathroom and has been eating and drinking normally- so I thought we dodged that bullet. But every so often, he is slow to get up- and his back legs quiver. After he has a poo, it stops and he is running and playing and having a ball. It happened this morning and Monday morning. So my question is, does this warrant a trip to the vet? I hate to bother everyone during this hard time. And could it be related to the corn cob somehow? Sorry for the long post.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello! i have to start at the most concerning part of your question: who doesnt eat corn? its not the checking the poo that makes you weird.. its the corn, 😉 I think that your plan,, even amongst the COVID stuff is perfect! Just watch closely. Corn cobs are most concerning with respect to obstruction. Obstruction causes anorexia, vomiting, lethargy. I am not sure if the leg issues are related. Based on breed and age I would recommend an x-ray of the hips when we are back up and running normally.. Watch for normal eating, normal activity and normal fecal… Read more »