Good evening, My wife and I are struggling trying to help out cat with megacolon and …

Good evening,

My wife and I are struggling trying to help our cat with megacolon and obstipation. He was diagnosed over 4 years ago but he had been put on a Royal Canin GI diet that worked wonders. It suddenly became unavailable and our cat deteriorated rapidly. He had to be hospitalized for a week to remove the blockage and we’ve gone back and forth with the internist on how to move forward. He’s currently on miralax, Lactulose, Cisapride. We recently introduced an anti-nausea medication and appetite stimulant as he stopped eating a few days ago. The suspicion being that he just becomes backed up again. At this point it’s been multiple hospital stays and several thousands of dollars trying to help our guy.
I watched the video on regular palpation – it’s difficult in our cat, both personally and from the vet, due to his large size. He’s a very long cat and also a chunky boy.

Do you have any guidance on palpation in obese cats? Suggestions we can explore with our vet?
I’m worried we’re looking at the colon surgery to remove part of it – but the vet noted many cats are unable to form or control stool following that and have constant diarrhea.
At this point if we can’t get him stimulated at home and eating a little and defecating a little we’re likely headed back to the animal hospital.

I appreciate any guidance or suggestions.

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

Hello, Have you directed these questions to your vet? Have you asked them to help you cate for your cat at home? I teach my clients how to palpate and I also have them give lactulose. Miralax and cat lac along with watered down wet food only. I try to avoid dry food. I also think the fat cats need to get healthier with walks exercise and this helps the gut stay active and make constipation less likely. I always believe constipation is secondary to something else. Like obesity or poor diet or lethargy. Cats should be at a good… Read more »