Good afternoon, I have a 3 years old cat, neutered male. Last Monday he had an obstruction, …

Good afternoon, I have a 3 years old cat, neutered male. Last Monday he had an obstruction, I went to ER, could not afford to hospitalize him, therefore, they just unblocked him and we went home with meds. 6 days later my cat became more alive, however, he is using litter box frequently and producing small amounts of urine. My question is- is this because of the medications that he cannot hold it and empties it little by little or is this because he is getting blocked again? Current medications are Buprenorphine, prazosin, gabapentin. Also, because he has not been hospitalized for 2 days, does that mean I have to try to find someone who will keep him on fluids for 2 days or there is a chance he can recover?

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2 years ago

Hello- I definitely would take him to your regular vet…. they know him best. They run some tests to determine if it is blockage or not. I can say that years ago, we had a male cat who had to have expensive surgery to be unblocked and he then had to be on Rx food for the rest of his life. Please get him in to see your vet ASAP. I hope he recovers and is ok💛🐾

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, Cats who block always (I know I am not supposed to say that but I have found it to be true!) always reblock, or at least struggle for weeks to months with urinary complications. In my experience it is not uncommon to unblock them numerous times over the first few months. They need lots of fluids and TLC along with medications. We have a cat now who had a stone (found on Xray). We spent weeks trying to get him better only to discover the stone was the underlying problem and we did surgery two days ago. It is… Read more »