I am going to buy a new puppy and i already have a 8 month…

I am going to buy a new puppy and i already have a 8 month old pug and he is in heat will he try to hump the new puppy or will i be fine if not how can i introduce the new pug puppy

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carrie Urquhart
3 years ago

Male dogs humping things could be because he isn’t fixed, and if the new puppy is female, yes he will try and hump, maybebif it’s a male too. I would definitely get them both neutered or spayed and that could solve your problems. Some male dog will continue the behavior afterwards, it just depends on the dog.

3 years ago

Hello? If you are adding another dog into your home, I would strongly advise that you have your existing pup well trained. It will benefit everyone involved. Honestly, the better behaved your current dog is, the better the example will be set for any newcomers. It sets the stage for everything. If your dog is exhibiting undesired behaviors that you ar concerned about, I would get that sorted out before adding another dog into the mix. My advice would be to enroll in a dog training class and after you are comfortable with your success there, then decide on adding… Read more »

3 years ago

PLEASE wait until your existing dog is an ADULT before bringing another puppy into the home. PLEASE.

3 years ago

Also, male dogs do not go into heat like female dogs. Please do research on basic biology of canines.