My cat ran away for 7 weeks we found her extremely malnourished and dehydrated displaying…

My cat ran away for 7 weeks we found her extremely malnourished and dehydrated displaying neurological issues. We rushed her to the vet but we couldn’t afford the hospitalisation so we took jer home with prescriptions and subcutaneous fluid replacement therapy. Jer liver enzymes were elevated they said it should get better as she eat very slowly in small quantities. Its been 5 days since we found her. The neuro issues have disappeared. She has been peeing regularly in increasing quantities and though week she can walk around. She is alerte. But she refuses any food in any form. I have tried wet dry kitten formula replacement. She eat a bite or two the first days and nothing since. What should i do?

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2 years ago

I agree with Laura- she needs some nourishment. Ask your vet- perhaps syringe feeding us an option? I would also ask my vet about hospitalization costs, and discuss different affordable options as well as payment options. See if there is a way you can put s lump sum down up front and then pay the rest off monthly? Best of luck.

Joe Johnson
2 years ago

I suggest you check into how easy assisted feeding with oral syringes is once you and your cat get the hang of it. You’d have to go real slow at first – maybe 1ml per quirt and only 5ml every 1/2 hour or so, but it’s pretty darn simple once you get the hang of it. Almost any canned pet food can be turned into a slurry/shake with water and a blender or even with just a spoon and a lot of patience, if it’s pate style. I’d suggest going with food you know your cat loves, so that it’s… Read more »

2 years ago

I would call the vet back, to be quite honest. 5 days with almost no food is a critical issue.