Hi, I need some tips on my situation with my bunny so it would be…

Hi, I need some tips on my situation with my bunny so it would be great if you wouldn’t mind helping me out. My bunny is an adult medium male Brown HollandLop, I had had him since he was very little. I decided to have him free ranged around my garden both day and night because he would be very aggressive and stressed out if I caged him even though his cage is very big ( 3 meters long, 2 meters tall and 2 meters wide). I have never seen any other predators except stray cats, I wouldn’t worry about the cats that much because my rabbits are great friends with my dog and he would scare away the cats and at night my bunny would choose to go sleep in my garage which is right next to one of my families room so if anything bad happens we would hear it. I don’t know if this is safe but he seems very happy to be free ranged and have this cage open so he can go in for pellets and veggies. Please give me your opinion on what I should do with my situation.

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5 years ago

your area is completely without birds of prey?  that’s surprising.  and you can’t count on predators behaving around prey.  your dog is also a predator.  he may be trained to leave the rabbit alone, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them together unsupervised.

is your rabbit not used to being handled?  are you rough when putting him in the cage?

B. Lakonpa
5 years ago

I let my rabbits run around the yard but only when I can supervise them. Your rabbit might end up wandering too far or a predator could find him, even though he doesn’t want to go in the cage, it’s whats best for his safety. How big is your cage?