For 20 something years, my male & female (a year older) older cats who were neutered & …

For 20 something years, my male & female (a year older) older cats who were neutered & spayed for about 17 years. My female cat has now started to do number 2 on the floor over in the corner floor areas around the litter box. I don’t get it? Why now after All these years? How can I stop this? If I get another litter box, he will have to use it as well. And I can’t keep them in a room apart (that would be cruel) – they’ve had the run of the house for 26 years. I’d appreciate the help. Oh! The only real thing that has changed has been that our dog died (we took him outside to potty ). I’m wondering what’s going on & how to stop this? Thank you.

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2 years ago

When my pet’s behavior suddenly changes to some this big completely out of the norm, I try to find what has changed either in the environment (like the dog passing away- so sorry about 😢that) or I try to find out what has changed with them. The latter takes an appointment to the vet. I would make an appointment and let your vet know everything that is going on and let the run some tests to make sure kitty is ok. Best of luck.

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I have found that in a huge number of cases there is some difficulty getting into the box and posturing to defecate due to painful old cat joints. So maybe try a very low sided box (or even a cookie sheet) to see if this helps. Also the box should be kept very clean and new litter places in it every week. In some cases I also offer a different kind of litter. Maybe even play sand (plain play box sand, or pitting soil) to see if this helps them Reacclimate to the box. Also make sure your vet… Read more »