Dr magnifico , we took our 3 year old feline to our home vet yesterday morning for straining …

Dr magnifico , we took our 3 year old feline to our home vet yesterday morning for straining and not being able to urinate (happened within 15 hours approx.) they released him at 12:09pm on buprexen 0.35 ml every 12 hours until we can get the culture and urinalysis back Monday, they did an ultrasound and said there was no blockage but to take him in to an ER if things get worse, well 8pm that night it was only getting worse not even a dribble and so we rushed him to an emergency hospital and applied for a loan because the ER told us he WAS blocked and that there was a mound of crystal formed and that he needed surgery ASAP as well as the catheter. They kept him overnight and now today ( the next day) they said if at 430-5 they take out the catheter and he can pee on his own they want to send him home. My fear is that he will get reblocked as he is trying to heal… I saw your YouTube video GET OUT ALIVE BLOCKED CAT and how they should keep him for up to 3 days and monitor him with the catheter still in place? Our home vet doesn’t open until tomorrow and I’m sure they will want more money to keep him overnight again I already applied for the loan and got approved but our expenses are running tight. What do you recommend? This is our cats first problem he has no history of illness or allergies. The ER he is at right now is tanasbourne veterinarian emergency in Hillsboro Oregon ! Our home vet is Milner vet hospital in Oregon city

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1 year ago

Hi there- I am soooo sorry that you going through this. I am not a vet- I have however had a male cat who had urinary blockage issues and can tell you what we had to do- First off, the vet we had at the time kept him overnight after the. Lock she was removed to make sure his Irvine was running clear and to monitor him. He was sent home to us with very specific instructions- keep him isolated in a small area in case of accidents(which there were) a change in both diet and litter and multiple water… Read more »