Dr Krista – I am a YouTube watcher with a 22yo cat that may have nasal …

Dr Krista – I am a YouTube watcher with a 22yo cat that may have nasal or ear polyps. We have spent 8 weeks trying every antibiotic, nasal steroid drop, antibac nasal drop and still fighting the snorking sound and her inability to breathe. Did nasal swab wk of 4/20 – found 2 bacteria, getting compounded anti bacs at this point since both bacs are super resistant apparently – Citrobacter freundii and pseudeomonas species. Antibacs will arrive to me in California by Thur 4/30 . She has a grade 3 heart murmur and hyper thyroid (on 5mg Methimazole daily). Just as your YouTube vid about Stripes with polyps (2/23/2018), I think I may be in the same situation – I have a vet telling me to go to a specialist for $$$ because everything we are throwing at this isn’t working. How in the world do I find someone like you who is willing to help me for a reasonable cost? I am calling all over for vets and everyone is ‘specialist focused’. Do you have tips on what to ask, experience, and honestly, I need someone with your confidence to do this. Or I need you 🙂 I have been in cat rescue over 30 yrs and ‘get; the lingo but have never had such difficulty finding a vet who could assist. Thank you in advance!

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about your cat. I think that based on age alone it is less likely that it is a polyp and more likely that it is cancer. I say this based solely on experience. I think that I would call all the rescues and shelters around and ask for a trusted vet who would be willing to do a sedated exam to look for a polyp. After that it gets expensive to do the rhiniscopy and ct scan and honestly there is little to gain if it is cancer as it is not treatable. I would… Read more »