I have three dogs a 16 year old chow lab mix female a golden retriever…

I have three dogs a 16 year old chow lab mix female a golden retriever 11 year old male a pit bull 6 female. I had the chow lab and golden first and than the 6 year old pit. The pit gets along with my chow and golden very well. But

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hi Eddie,

Your veterinarian may be able to refer you to a behavior specialist – this is where I would start.  They have so much wonderful knowledge and can get you and your pit started in the right direction.  It is wonderful that you care enough about her to get some answers about her behavior.  In many cases it is us as owners learning as much as our pets.  Have you had the pit for her entire life or is she a rescue?  Please keep us posted!


Laura Kyle
5 years ago

Hi Eddie, your pups behavior is pretty common and can absolutely be fixed. Without knowing your pup it is hard to say why she is reactive on a leash so I agree that you should work with a trainer. I would look for a trainer that uses both corrective methods and positive reinforcement. Once you get a plan for your dog I would also suggest takin her for walks with unfamiliar dogs. She doesn’t need to interact with them, she just needs to learn how to walk with other dogs. I know it sounds like the simplest thing in the… Read more »