My dog Sira had a cruciate ligament tear of the right knee and had ACL…

My dog Sira had a cruciate ligament tear of the right knee and had ACL done with complete meniscectomy on 1/21/15. After 2 months the knee felt swollen and all of a sudden there was a blister that broke open and release a LOT of almost clear fluid and the “swelling” was gone. The little blister wound healed but after 6 weeks swelling/fluid on the outside of the knee joint and the little cap opened up and again fluid oozing out. The vet examined the fluid, even cultured it and there was some inflammation but no infection. For almost 2 weeks the knee looked better, skin color was pink but all of a sudden this changed. The skin looked darker with every hour, turning purplish and again fluid collected under the skin. Again to the vet who tried to drain the fluid out with a syringe but with not much success. The fluid had become more bloody. My dog was put on previcox and baytril. But again after it looked better for a while one morning the certain (blister) spot looked a bit different and 5 hours later it was blueish – pink marbled and 5 more hours later it broke open and again this viscous discharge. What is the cause? Could it be an allergic reaction to the nylon line or the stainless steel crimps that were used for the ACL? How likely is this? I got the recommendation from another vet whom I consulted while the surgeon was on vacation to have the nylon line and metal crimps removed and hopefully enough scar tissue has developed by now so that the knee is stabilized by it. I have spend now close to $3000 on exams, surgery and meds. To remove all that what has been put in to stabilize the knee joint seems like a waste but what good does it do if it doesn’t heal? I cannot let it go on like that and risk an infection of the knee, can I? Has someone seen such a reaction after an ACL surgery? Does this look like an allergic reaction? Is removing the lines and crimps the right next step?

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ashlyn hag
5 years ago

It might be an allergic reaction, but I would find a better vet.