My dog has a biting problem, and I no longer feel safe around him he…

My dog has a biting problem, and I no longer feel safe around him he actually drew blood one time?

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jerry smith
5 years ago

Kinda hate to go against the flow on this one, probably get blasted ,but here is what I experienced once. I had had a lab for about a month once and he decided to snap at me one day. I punched him in the nose and rattled him pretty good, i never had a problem after that. My grandpa used to say kick them under the chin hard as you can, but that seems a bit rough to me. Anyway, I don’t advocate animal abuse, but you could try this one time before putting the animal down…might just need a… Read more »

5 years ago

please don’t listen to Lauren.

see your vet ASAP (today, if possible) to ensure there are no medical problems causing the biting.  this should include things like a blood panel for thyroid.  once your dog is completely cleared of all medical problems, contact a veterinary behaviorist.  the directory is here:

do NOT hit, knee, or otherwise act violent toward your dog.  this will not help.

5 years ago

That’s such a shame. This may have been a medical issue. Putting him down should have been a last possible resort AFTER having a vet do full blood panels and AFTER engaging a veterinary behaviorist.

No dog from an ethical, reputable breeder will cost auch a small sum. Please reevaluate your priorities with any future dog before running out and finding another one.

Lauren Lister
5 years ago

is he aggressive? my female had this same problem. each time she bit i would take my hand and bob her bottom jaw. after a week she quit biting. and i mean. take your hand under his chin and swing up.