Please no negativity here. Let me explain the situation. I live with roommates and I…

Please no negativity here. Let me explain the situation. I live with roommates and I have 2 females and she has 2 males, I had my females before she got her males. Anyways, we had separated the males from the females at the end of May. I don’t know how I missed all the signs, denial? I don’t know but it wasn’t until July 5 when I noticed that her teats were getting bigger and realized she was pregnant and didn’t know how that could have happened as we had separated them and the reason why we separated them was because we were going to get them fixed through a program but they couldn’t do it until the middle of this month so we thought it’d be best to separate them. Anyways, at around 1130pm on July 13th I heard a lot of cries coming from outside as if to say an animal was in distressed, so I went outside to check on my two and they were both acting very excited and my pregnant girl disappeared into the back yard where it was dark, so I grabbed a flash light and followed her and that’s when I realized she was in labor, she was panting heavily and found herself a spot.

So I picked her up and took her into a bigger spot where I can keep an eye on her and I waited with her. At 1:30am July 14, she had her puppy but only 1 so I thought okay, we got lucky and only have to find a home for 1 puppy.

Now today she is still crying and panting and keeps licking her vulva, is that really normal? I’m just very concerned with her and right now she is crying too. I need advice please.

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5 years ago

please get her to a vet.  now.