2 periods – no mating, 3rd period natural mating, after 48 days – dark green…

2 periods – no mating, 3rd period natural mating, after 48 days – dark green discharge – probably abortion. About 10 days before lot water drinking – beside that the bitch felt ok – eating normal, behaving and acting -ok.Brucelosa test -negative.E.coli found in vaginal secret test. – she received some antibiotics.We missed 1 period than naturaly mated. I think it was too early and for sure there was no pregnancy, but again – around 35th day after mating – lot of water drinking, discharge from vulva – dark bloody secret, no smell, after that turns in clear blood and gone. The dog was ok – no sign of illness. Now she is mated on 9.07., 11.07. and 13.07. – natural mating. Vaginal test – E.coli. Treatment 10 days with Nuroclav 250 mg once a day. Vaginal test positive for e.coli. Starting Amoxiclav – 500 mg on 12h dosage – 10 days treatment, testing and again is positive for e.coli .If she is pregnant now should be the implantation and body development – what is better to do – to stop the antibiotic, to continue or to change is with something else and what else – Zinnat for examle?This time she had a Herpes virus vaccine just in case that she have virus which is the reason for aborion, but i think the problem is in e.coli. I am testing the progesterone levels. Today was 68 ng/ml – normal levels for 3 weeks after mating

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