Back in December my dog Beagle/Bulldog who is very persistent started not being able to…

Back in December my dog Beagle/Bulldog who is very persistent started not being able to jump on our bed from the floor. I thought he was just getting old. Then he really couldn’t so we would lift him but he would jump off and he has done this his whole life. Then it got worse where his legs were giving out on him in the back. I took him to the vet who sent us to the neurologist who told us he needed an MRI and possible surgery. No x-rays or bloodwork was done. I cried and was so stressed out I wanted to move forward but it could be 8-10 thousand dollars. My husband said no we cannot afford that. So I then asked the neurologist are there other options she said steroids and gave me a bottle and sent me on my way. In three days he was like a new dog. He was walking almost perfectly, and acting normally. This went on for about 2 months. He then started to have a little trouble with the back leg. It’s impossible to keep him off the bed. He follows me everywhere. I did get stairs for the couch and bed. I called the regular vet and she gave me another RX for the steroid after I told her it worked so well. She said she cannot give him anymore he would need the surgery. He just had another episode of the leg going out and this time it seems to effect his front leg. I gave him 3 steroid pills I had left and he is a million times better. I also put a gait in front of the stairs but he still goes on the couch. I want him to have a great quality of life. He seems ok other than the leg going out. We feel it’s almost like my back. I have a herniated disc and here and there it will go out. How do they make a proper diagnosis without doing a 2300 MRI? Please help with any advice. Is this IVDD

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Tell your vet hat you would like another opinion and that you cannot afford surgery. If they still refuse to help find a vet who is willing to help you. Or call the neurologist again. There has to be some help for your dog that you can afford or else your veterinarians care is useless. There are always options. Even on a budget. Don’t take no for an answer.

3 years ago

Good morning ?? Dr. Magnifico has a lot of videos posted on IVDD, and I believe that she has written a few blogs on the subject as well. Look into those. Also, If I were you I would call my vet again, and have a serious conversation about what you want, what you can afford and come up with a plan together. Hope this helps.