I have a very skittish and small cat that has been eating off and on…

I have a very skittish and small cat that has been eating off and on for the last 2 weeks. She will come out for feeding but only eat a little but will revisit later to munch a little more. I’d say she is eating 50% of what she normally does. Nothing has changed- food, environment, placement, etc. I read how to safely put the cat in the crate, but our problem is just catching her. She only comes out from her basement territory for feeding and late night love when things are calm. She does sleep with us. I have tried trial runs to catch her but she either runs as I approach and darts through her basement cat door where she disappears or if I do get my hands on her she screams, wiggles, scratches and out of fear of hurting her or me I let go, those claws are sharp! In the evening during love time I blocked the cat door and tried to catch her, she flipped out. I tried enticing her with food and cat treats, she is too smart for that, lol. My wife can handle her more than I can and she too has tried without success. We have never been able to pick her up and hold her. She appears and acts perfectly normal. My wife is worried about her and if this continues, she thinks a vet visit may be in order (yet another vet visit, we should buy stock, lol). If we ever get her to the vet, she is their problem then, lol. She is 3 years old and other then when she was a kitten, has never been to the vet because of the above reasons. She is indoor only. Any advice on how to catch this wild crazy cat without hurting her or us?

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caroline challita
5 years ago

She sounds super cute and a handful 🙂 Dont have anything to add, but have an injured kitten that im handling who sounds very similar to yours before she got injured. Didn’t know a drop trap even existed until now. i like it! Will try finding one for my next vet visit.