Two days ago all my cat Morgan did was sleep and eat and I thought…

Two days ago all my cat Morgan did was sleep and eat and I thought he just needed alone time so I ignored it. But during the night my cat started to vomit a green-yellow liquid and just sleeped. He wouldn’t eat or go to the restroom until the afternoon.During this time he was starting to act normal and eat. But then when he walk he had a small limp. As the hours past he couldn’t even walk or move. When he tries to sit up all he does is cry in pain. He hasn’t eaten since the afternoon and is currently sleeping. He has not been yet neutered or gotten all his vaccine since we barely found him in the street and are currently working on getting them done. He has an appointment tomorrow with his vet but am scared that he won’t survive the night and don’t like seeing in pain. Is their anything I can do to lessen his pain. And how would one transport him to the vet since with any movement his in pain.

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello,Sorry your cat is not feeling well. To transport him to a vet, you’ll just have to be gentle with him. He needs to go so just take your time. Maybe slide a towel under him and wrap the sides up around him like a burrito,,then gently lift it and place him in a cat carrier. He will probably howl or hiss, but you’ve got to take him to be seen. Just do it quick but gentle. If you have a cat carrier you can usually remove the top and just set him inside, then screw or snap the top… Read more »