Bosun has this discharge in his eye. I think he always has a little…

Bosun has this discharge in his eye.
I think he always has a little? But is there something I can use to clean it up?

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4 years ago

Hi there!! Cute pup? You can always use a warm washcloth or paper towel to wipe it off. But if you think it is different from what you usually see at all, I would get to the vet and make sure it isn’t conjunctivitis, or the start of something worse like upper respiratory.

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

Hello! Because the condition is unilateral I think it is more likely to be an irritatant versus infection or allergy. I would keep the eye clean as Sarah mentions above and flush the eye copiously with sterile saline (like you would do if you were trying to flush out a piece of foreign material. Remember to get under the third eyelid by flushing under the inside edge of the eyelid in the inside corner of the eye. If the drainage persists, worsens or gets a yellow/green color or you see rubbing of the eye or squinting you should see your… Read more »