Blue is an approximately 7-8 year old Rottweiler. I recently adopted her last year from a …

Blue is an approximately 7-8 year old Rottweiler. I recently adopted her last year from a family that had adopted her 5 years before when she was brought to a Rottweiler rescue as a stray. Recently have some issues with her licking paws and biting at the hair on her legs, also severe dandruff with scaly scabs along her flank with leathery skin, also scabbing along the outer ridges of her ears. I initially suspected an allergy as have had rottweilers before and experienced their tendency to have allergy to food etc. Visited the vet about the skin, did antibiotics and it subsided but not completely cleared up. I decided to change food and in doing so she had 2 bouts of diarrhea that both had to be treated with metronidazole. In this process comes the problem, on one of those visits my vet discovered her spleen was enlarged. confirmed by xray, no masses just enlargement. In process of having her thyroid checked by a 3 panel test as I think the vet is going in the direction of a low thyroid causing multiple ear/skin infections which in turn is enlarging the spleen. I did check with previous owner and she has had skin/ear infections in past, treated by Keflex and allergy shot but never confirmed as to why. Vet stated she has little confidence at this point it could be cancer, but possible. we are embarking on finding out why her spleen is enlarged… My question is has anyone had a similar situation and or what do you think will be the outcome? Also if this does play out as a thyroid issue, given proper treatment will the spleen return to healthy size or will it need to be removed? I am aware of the possibility of hemangiosarcoma and do know what that outcome would most likely be.

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2 years ago

Hello! Lilah, my 12 year cat is believed to have a nasal polyp/s by our vet. She has the classic symptom of the constant snoring/snarling sound. It actually began over two years ago, but we waited to address it due to cost. Recently, she had a short GI flair up that she had treated, but she would not eat for several days during it. My vet suspected it was because the potential polyp is large enough that she couldn’t smell her food well on top of being sick. I had her hospitalized for the weekend to get fluids and nausea… Read more »

Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Hello, I would wait for the thyroid panel to return before speculating too much more. I also advise people that hypothyroidism is one of the most over diagnosed diseases we see. The dog should be acting like they have a low Thyroid along with appropriate test results before diagnosing. As far as the spleen goes. I’m not sure if oversized is a problem. It is just a finding. And I have no guess as to what it will do. You can ask for an ultrasound to better appreciate it and speculate on its underlying issue and best course of action.… Read more »