IVDD – Beagle. Hi, I reached out a few weeks ago because my dog was…

IVDD – Beagle.

Hi, I reached out a few weeks ago because my dog was diagnosed with IVDD but could not use the bathroom on his own and it was next to impossible to express him. After a couple of weeks of manually catheterizing him, he started to use the bathroom on his own regularly. He also started to regain a lot of strength back, especially in his back legs. The problem area is in his neck but he is able to wag his tail and turn his neck all around. He still cannot walk, he can hold his backend up but his front two paws continue to knuckle and go under him when he tries to walk. I watched the videos on Hank and I know he had a similar issue but you did not go into depth as one video his front paws didn’t work and then the next video all of a sudden he was walking. Is there anything I can do to speed up this process or help him? I’m so proud of how hard he’s come and I don’t want to give up now.

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Krista Magnifico
3 years ago

Hello, I’m so glad to hear that your dog is still with us and improving. I also think that your question is wonderful! Here’s what I did with Hank. I did lots and lots and more lots of massage and passive range of motion. I also placed him with support and encouraged him to just stand. I would hold his sternum and place his back legs (a little wider than normal) and just try to hold him there. Like teaching a baby to walk. I did this all the time. I know people are afraid of hurting them but the… Read more »