surgery to widen the pelvic canal in a cat

back in june i had to take a kitten to the vet for a broken femur. he had been closed in a door at his last home. the vet was able to put it back together and it healed nicely. however the kitten is in pain still and not well. yesterday we figured out it is because of damage to the growth plates in his hips. the pelvic canal is too small and he is having pain with passing stools (primary issue), pain with walking (he waddles, is almost always stationary and has zero kitten-like attitude) and stunted growth in general (he is 1yr old and is the size of a 3 mo old). the vet is an amazing person. he thinks that if he removes a rib he can use it as a spacer to widen the pelvic canal. however, as with all surgery, it is no guarantee. i feel terrible because i dont know what to do. i am inclined to euthanize the poor baby because he is suffering that much, i dont want to put him through more trauma just to end up at the same outcome. what are your thoughts or opinions?

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Krista Magnifico
1 year ago

This is my personal opinion after working with pets for two decades. I never euthanize without trying. Even if you can’t afford surgery maybe you could manage the difficulty defecating with a canned food only diet? If the hip joint is the issue perhaps an FHO could help? I don’t know we ought about the case to offer more advice. But you can always get a second opinion to help too.