Hello people of Pawbly, specifically friendly vets.
My dog is not doing well and I need…

Hello people of Pawbly, specifically friendly vets.
My dog is not doing well and I need some advice.

I just moved from a house with a doggie door that allowed for bathroom time, any time. Now I am working on a schedule and trying to get into a routine with my pup (2 y/o red heeler/terrier mix). For the most part it’s been fine. I have him in the kennel when I’m at work from 6-2 Monday through Friday and only live 5 minutes from work. I take him out right before I leave And right after. He sleeps with me at night.

Last Friday, I took him out before going to bed, waited forever but no number 2. I woke up the next morning and there was crap- a LOT of crap- more than I thought caninely possible, all over the floor of my room. Normal color, texture. I blamed myself for not waiting long enough and let it go.

So last night, same routine, didn’t crap. I ran him around for 20 minutes trying to jostle whatever loose. Nada. So I figured he could wait until morning. I was awakened at 3 am by horrible, hot steaming dog land mines all over My bedroom floor again. Same color and texture as normal.

So I out him in his crate For the rest of the night Because I think since he’s a den animal He won’t go crappin it up in there. I take him out before work And come home to a crime scene.

In his crate, he is huddled in the corner, and this wave of old sour milk or something hits me and there are puddles of yellow liquid that I’m assuming is crap since I didn’t smell bike and there are other, little piles of similarly colored solid poo elsewhere. He hadn’t eaten since the land mines the night before.

I take him outside and he pisses and squirts out a little more diarrhea and keep straining for another 2 minutes but nothing else comes out. There is a little blood now on his backside from straining so hard.

I googled it, and it said right now it’s acute, if it persists, to take him in. He seems in good spirits except was ashamed when I came in and as I was cleaning up after him. I was going to feed him but Google told me not to for the day.

I should also note: at my previous residence I lived with an elderly relative who used her early stage dementia to feed him whatever the Hell she wanted. “Oh I forgot you told me not to”- Fritos. Peanut butter sandwiches, leftover foods. And now he is only eating the expensive all natural food I give him.

So I don’t know what to do. Is it an adjustment period to the new place (only been here 2 weeks) is it the change of diet? Is it my bathroom schedule? Is it stress from being alone all day?

Any advice would be fantastic. Thanks guys and gals.

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