My puppy is a male husky/chow mix who is 5 months old.

My puppy is a male husky/chow mix who is 5 months old.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I use fruit for treats (no raisins!), and if I am chopping vegetables for myself I offer pieces as treats while we are in the kitchen.  Other than that, I don’t routinely add fruits and vegetables to the raw diet I feed my boys.  They are allowed to graze my yard and they eat dandelions (greens & flowers), some flowers (quince most often when it is in bloom), and most anything they can get in the vegetable garden including tomatoes, squash, raspberries, and blueberries.  I do add raw meat & raw bones to my foster’s diet — they get a… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

I’d be more concerned about whether it is a puppy formula rather than whether it’s a grain-free formula. Particularly with a larger breed such as a Husky. I am not really sold on “all life stages” type of food. Otherwise, looking at their grain-free recipe; grain-free doesn’t really mean low carb; this one has plenty of carbs; the protein content is only slightly higher than most and most go with bare minimum. The food is formulated to AAFCO standards; so technically, as most vets assert (though I don’t agree) ingredients don’t matter, only nutrients matter. So from that perspective grain-free… Read more »

5 years ago

we feed green beans as treats quite frequently.  dogs don’t really need additional vegetables, though, and whole earth is a good food.  what makes you want to supplement?