When is it ok to stop prednisone abruptly after the dog has received 5 days…

When is it ok to stop prednisone abruptly after the dog has received 5 days of twice per day Med? An ER doctor who gave us the med had warned us against stopping it abruptly because it could cause complications. Approximately 5-6 days later the dog had emergency neck surgery at the same facility where the ER vet worked. After only one day of rest post op, they said the dog could go home early! When I asked about the prednisone and tapering it, they said, just stop. The discharge doctor said the surgeon didn’t want him on it. I was very confused at this instruction. Does anyone understand why we were told to just stop his prednisone?

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Rhonda Newberry
Rhonda Newberry
4 years ago

Thank you both so much for your response. I think this was not the first sign we had that our experience there was not going to be a good one. Since our dog’s dc from that surgery center, we have consulted another physician to reevaluate and help recovery efforts with better medicine selection and pain control.

Rhonda Newberry
Rhonda Newberry
4 years ago

It is just hard for me to believe that a surgeon would not expect that stopping prednisone mid treatment would be imprudent. Further, if my dog were to have a crisis, it would be in their financial gain when I brought him back for stabilization. As I wrote earlier, this was one among other issues that came up with our dog’s post -op care. Now, I wouldn’t willingly take any of my animals there again.

4 years ago

Good morning? When you were given the new instructions, did you let them know that previously you were told not to do that? It is a steroid, so there could be side effects if you stop giving it suddenly, until the body can “catch up” on production. Perhaps a phone call to your regular vet might be worth it… besides, you’ll probably need a follow up exam after the trip to the emergency ER which you can schedule when you call. Good luck?

Krista Magnifico
4 years ago

I agree with Sarah. You are owed, deserve and paid for an answer that makes sense and is for the benefit of your pet.