9 year old female healthy and happy lab seen for a full physical and check up a …

9 year old female healthy and happy lab seen for a full physical and check up a week ago. Hip/knee mild pain not really improved on Dasuquin. Also new onset of itchy feet (pet is chewing and this happens yearly) from season allergies.
Recommended and started on Gallaprant for a week trial in conjunction with Fish oil 2000mgs daily. Started on gabapentin 3 days ago 300mg bid……Haven’t see any improvement yet.
For the feet, Benadryl 75mg po bid for the past 5 days, which is somewhat effective but wears off quickly. Neo predef foot powder, which helped in the past, unavailable, therefore started on prescription foot bath solution bid. Unfortunately, Foot bath is clearly not decreasing the chewing.
My main concern is that as of this morning, she is now in discomfort with what appears to be an upset stomach. Refused to eat breakfast which has NEVER happened before (even with previous GI illnesses). Not sure which medication might be causing this?

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I think that you are talking about Molly? If so I will talk to dr Rossi tomorrow morning and have her call you to discuss what’s going on. For today I would stop both the galliprant and the gabapentin. You can give the Benadryl every 8 hours for now. Also try to get her in the bath tub and soak her feet in cool water. I will have the clinic call you now. We are open until 3 today.