8 month puppy was bit at the dog park. He devoleped a big lump filled with loose …

8 month puppy was bit at the dog park. He devoleped a big lump filled with loose fluid a few days later where it started smaller and then grew to about the size of a baseball in under 1 week. I didn’t think the event at the dog park was was a factor because there was no blood or any sign of skin puncture at all. He also seemed to be happy, eating normally and still crazy full of energy as usual.I took him to the vet where they said it’s a seroma and should go away on its own in about a week. Ive been doing a warm compress but it doesn’t seem to be working to shrink it, and it has gotten even bigger and tighter 5 days later now. It still doesn’t seem to hurt him, and he is acting completely normal/happy. It has now been about 10 days since the seroma started, and 5 days since the vet. My concern is that it has gotten a bit bigger, and wasn’t as loose as before and is now a bit tighter/harder. I can still feel that it’s moveable fluid but just tighter. The vet didn’t tell me to cut down on activity, and I have been going on runs and playing a lot with him. Should I be trying to avoid activity? His harness is about 6 inches away so it doesn’t rub on it directly, but still fairly close to the bump. Just wondering if I should keep away from running/walking and try to keep him calm until it goes away? (not likely as he is high energy)

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I consider every dog bite or fight an infection. And if it isn’t healed in 5-7 days I consider it a problem to keep monitoring closely with the help of your vet. Please go back to your vet or get a second opinion. Your puppy is too young to not have healed quickly and completely by now in my opinion. Better safe than sorry I always say.