7 MONTHS LATER MY CAT IS SLOWLY CHOKING TO DEATH ! I posted this 7 months ago : My rescue …

I posted this 7 months ago : My rescue cat of 5 years is showing all the symptoms of Nasopharyngeal Polyp. He is my everything!
OH please I am begging for help here ! I am disabled and he is the center of world . I am on the south west coast of Washington State, my rescue cat Kiki presents with all these symptoms ( I come from a family of RN and Bachelor in Nursing ) I have called vest around here and ALL of them say they do not do this surgery because they dont have the scope, or they will not even discuss possible price or treatment without me coming in and the vet seeing them. They say they will diagnose and refer me to a specialty clinic not far away . The specialty clinic gave me a quote of $3,500-$5,000 !! If this is even what is wrong with him . I am devastated that no one will even discuss this with me without paying for a vet visit. It looks like i could spend hundreds in visits before i can find someone who is even willing to think about this surgery without referral to the very expensive specialty place . PLEASE HELP I CANNOT AFFORD THAT MUCH !! Meanwhile my poor sweet Kiki is slowly getting worse. I dont know what to do anymore !!!!!!!!

UPDATE : PLEASE PLEASE I AM ONCE AGAIN BEGGING FOR HELP !! My cat displays all the symptoms of this I do not have a lot of money . i can come up with a few hundred dollars but no where does this surgery without a scope or it being a specialist . I keep being quoted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to have it removed ! I have called and called and called vets around here and either they dont know what I am talking about or they will only refer me to a very very expensive specialist ! I asked for help months ago and finally chatted with you and all you told me was keep calling vets in my area and asking . I have over and over , I am watching my cat slowly choke to death more and more each day ! this is a nightmare ! I dont have $3,500-$5,000 that they are telling me it will cost ! Why can you do this for so little and no one else can ? PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU !!! ANYONE PLEASEEEEEEEEE HELP !!!!!! He is choking to death !

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2 years ago

Hello- I am sorry that no one is willing it seems to even discuss this with you. I would call your local animal shelter to see if one of their vets might be able to help or even another local rescue that might be able to assist you. Social media may help you as well- if you post your situation and enough people see it, someone may step up. Other than that, I would fight with my vet. If you’ve been having this issue for this long and your vet isn’t apparently listening to you, I think a serious conversation… Read more »

2 years ago

I am so sorry to hear what your going through. I have been in the same situation with my Shar Peis.. I lost 2 so far with what they guessed was throat and lung cancer.. it was very expensive, and there was no guarantee that it would save them also, But I couldn’t afford it ether.. you got to be rich to save your animals.. Vets are as bad as doctor’s now days, They think its a privilege to get medical care for your animals.