5.5 days after bringing our 16 week puppy home (also 5.5 days after her second parvo shot) she tested …

5.5 days after bringing our 16 week puppy home (also 5.5 days after her second parvo shot) she tested positive for parvo and giardia. In another 5 days she had a negative ELISA parvo.

Upon bringing her home and following all instructions we can’t get solid poo, unless we feed boiled chicken, white rice and pumpkin. We’ve tried twice a slow transition to Pro Plan Chicken EN as our vet prescribed but once we move to kibble and pumpkin only (Forta Flora too) we are back to liquid poo. If we keep at least a 1/4 cup boiled chicken and rice we get some ok poo and some not great however not liquid.

Added to this her poo has mucus. Breeder is not happy with the kibble our vet has us on. We’d like to try something with nutritional content but are fearful we will setback progress. That said where we are at isn’t all that great.

We’ve had a diarrhea panel in addition to lots of other bloodwork and a urinalysis every thing so far is negative. Vet says there is one more bloodwork we can try or exploratory surgery to see if she has IBS.

Trying to determine do I try other foods or did the parvo and treatment ruin her GI and this will never be solved? Is the 2 months post parvo not enough time for get GI to repair?

Help I’m frustrated and confused.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

hello, this is tough to answer here. Tough because there is a lot more info needed to get a clear picture of your pup. (like what kind of dog is this and where are you?). so,, i will add a few notes based on previous experience. One, I think the parvo is probably a moot point by now. Sure a probiotic to help a recovering gut is helpful (and always on my prescription menu so ask about this!), but i doubt your pup had parvo,, and if she did she recovered by now,, puppies heal fast. Two,, I keep looking… Read more »

2 years ago

If your puppy, from a breeder, had parvo, I would be concerned with the breeder and their situation. I would stick with the advice of my vet- unless your breeder is a DVM as well. I would make another vet appointment and talk about your concerns and other possible conditions to check for in my puppy. In the meantime, If boiled chicken and rice are helping the situation some, I would keep up with that. Best of luck.