Today as every day our beloved Golden made a poop. 3/4 of which was perfectly…

Today as every day our beloved Golden made a poop. 3/4 of which was perfectly normal.1/4 was yellow and well, watery. He eats normally, drinks, plays, digs, wags his tail. Yesterday he stole a chicken in worcastershire sauce. And on Wednesday we changed their puppy food (we mixed taste of wild with holistic ) – He’s up to date with his vaccines ( (DHPPi2 + lepto – most recent).

We have also a lab, but she is on metronidazole right now. She has ameba – which is very common in Indonesia. He was clean, so he got his second shot on Monday.

Sorry for panicking, but we had a dozens of health issues with our dogs and I’m superscared about dealing with distemper or parvo (again).*

*Our lab had parvo 2 months ago, test – positive. Our golden was parvo negative, but he started to have the same symptoms as our lab 4 days before she did. 3 of 4 vets we encountered said that his test results must have been false negative. Now I’m panicking its parvo again. Should I?

For breakfast they had: puppy food (+ peanut butter + apple on the side) (as always)

for lunch I’m serving rice with chicken and carrot.

Can I do something more??

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