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Krista Magnifico | 4 years ago
Painful Mouth, Difficulty Eating, Ulcers On A Cats Mouth/lips. Indolent/rodent Ulcers. Feline
Treatment Cost (USD): $143.70
Werewolf was having trouble eating, eating less and also less active. His family thought he might have a bad tooth, which is common in older cats, but instead he had ulcers on the top lip, left and right.
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  1. Nicole Jacobs

    Hi. Can you tell me how you treated this? My Pumpkin has a very similar problem, he has a set of asymmetrical ulcers on his upper lip, but they aren’t going away and none of his vets (regular and oncologist) have a clue what they are from or how to resolve them. He was doing well with chemotherapy for Lymphoma but the ulcers have made him backtrack.

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Kate McKelvie | 4 years ago
Blocked Cat/male Cat With Urethral Obstruction
Treatment Cost (USD): $992.68
Max came to us painful and unable to urinate- he had been unblocked at another clinic the day before. Because of money concerns they removed his urinary catheter and discharged him that night.
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