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Michelle | 8 years ago
Hello, My 15 Week Old Male Puppy Was Trying To Hump My Female, And Now…

Hello, my 15 week old male puppy was trying to hump my female, and now his penis wont go back in the shealth. I am worried as he is in discomfort. And I have been reading up as to what it could be, and it looks like. I can’t get to the vets until tomorrow and I am scared that his penis will need to be amputated due to necrotia. He is asleep now. I just want to know if it will be ok to take him first thing tomorrow morning? Or will that be too late?

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Krista Magnifico
8 years ago

Hello Michelle

The penis should not stay out of the sheath for an extended period of time. In the normal reproductive course the penis becomes stiff and the bulbo urethral gland enlarges making it difficult for the penis to fit back in the sheath but this should not last hours. If it does you should seek medical attention.


Krista Magnifico, DVM
Owner Jarrettsville Veterinary Center
Jarrettsville, MD


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