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Bob | 1 year ago
Our 9 Year Old Border Collie The Vet Believes Has Colon/Rectal Cancer. He Did A Rectal …

Our 9 Year Old Border Collie the vet believes has Colon/Rectal Cancer. He did a rectal exam and can feel several large masses narrowing his colon. Our
dog started limping and favoring a back leg 2 weals ago, then 5 days ago has been unable to poop. Just little pieces of poop would come out, and he would
be trying to go for several minutes. The Vet believes the narrowing of the colon due to the masses inside are also pinching the nerves causing his limp, since
our dog did not injure his hind leg, and is not in pain.
He is referring us to a Vet that can image the area, and possibly due radiation.

Does anyone have and advice for us ??? Does anyone have and history to share with us???

We appreciate any feedback.

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1 year ago

Good morning- I’m sorry you have this going on. I think that comfort and quality have to play a role in any decision making. And budget. That is the reality of it. Talk with your vet. Talk with the specialist you are going to. Talk about all possible prognosis and all possible options. Be sure to voice your concerns- you may want to start keeping a written list so that you don’t forget anything at your visit. Very best to you. Please keep us posted-


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