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Rob McCollum | 3 years ago
I Have A KuneKune Sow, And She Has Stopped Walking. She Was Mounted By A…

I have a KuneKune sow, and she has stopped walking. She was mounted by a sow twice her size who was in heat and acting awful. Now, Calliope can crawl around using her front legs but her rear legs are out of order. She had been standing some, but was down and low crawling 90% of the time. Then just low crawling, now nothing. One vet diagnosed with infection, Rx did nothing. Another vet indicated possible spinal injury after watching video, but wants 3k for an MRI. X-rays showed nothing wrong. Please help. I have video I can send. Feel free to call me, day or night.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

Love you. So sorry.

2 years ago

Hi Rob, I’ll ping Dr M this morning and let her know you’re looking for her.

2 years ago

Shall do. I’m sorry to hear this diag. Can they help her?

2 years ago

That’s awful. I’m so very sorry.