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Lethargy, depression, vaginal discharge, lack of appetite, general discomfort, slight distention abdomen, fluctuation of water intake.


Open Pyometra


Emergency Spay procedure


Not very long ago my unspayed female cat started acting slightly strange, she is about 3 and a half years old; very active and playful majority of the time (besides the occasional cat nap). She had missed a heat cycle the month before and this worried me a bit, but being she was so young I put it to the back of my mind for later. About two days after that she jumps into my husbands lap, I notice she’s holding her rear end up a bit like a female would if she was in heat. I looked at her and she had a slight vaginal discharge (a white pus like substance). Sadly it was Saturday and I had no way to get her into a veterinarian that day being so late at night. I watched her very closely for almost two days, giving her water in a medicine dropper and feeding her only the food I knew she would gobble up because we could not get into the vet until Tuesday. Finally the vet was able to see us on the third day, everyone was anxious and we weren’t sure what was going to happen. Our veterinarian examined her and was very worried, he told me very sternly she had to go into emergency surgery today or she would be dead by the end of the week; the thing was I didn’t have the money to have this done. Thankfully our amazing vet worked out a payment that would work for us and helped us out allowing me to put $100 down and pay the rest on Friday. We had to leave her with the vet and go home… I wouldn’t see my baby until Friday morning at the soonest. I was angry at myself for allowing it to happen; But I wasn’t aware of the fact that this was such a serious matter, no one had ever told me of pyometra before I had this happen to my kitty. It makes me wonder how many other pet owners are ignorant of this killer infection. This will always be a very scary experience for me, I would like to spread the word about Pyometra and educate people who don’t understand. Any of your female pets can and most likely WILL develop pyometra in the future if they go intact. If you are lucky this will not be closed pyometra. I’ve learned a lesson and was given a second chance to have my furry friend in my life, not everyone facing this will be so blessed, pets die from this. One thing that always sticks in my mind is a quote I saw while I was researching my cat’s condition. “Never let the sun set on Pyometra.” They can be gone in a blink of an eye.
Spread the word on Pyometra.
Do your research.
Be responsible.
Be aware.
Peace & Love to you all ❤

Pet Type: Cat
Pet Breed: mix
Pet Date of Birth: 08/07/2015
Treatment Cost (USD): $460.00
Provider Business Name: Tri County Vet Service
Orwell, Ohio 44076
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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