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Kody’s IVDD surgeries


Complete and sudden hind leg paralysis and severe neck pain


IVDD of the spine


Multiple surgeries of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions for burst discs. Physical therapy, pain management, weight loss of over 12 lbs and restricted activity


Well the first surgery was in November 2017. One day his hind legs were paralyzed. We waited a week to take him to the neurologist. We saw our regular vet three times in a one week period and when he saw no improvement he recommended an MRI. Surgery for a burst thoracic disk was successful. He was walking immediately after surgery and home in three days. No residual problems but we were never told to restict activity or put him on a diet. Second surgery was June 2019 while we were on vacation in Alabama. Same as before, no advance warning, just paralysis. We immediately took him to an emergency vet and then to Florida for an MRI. Yep, burst disc at the Lumbar region. Surgery again. This time he did not have the same outcome. He could not walk for three weeks and had some foot drop. We had PT and did home exercises until we got home. We followed up with a local neuro and he told us to give it 6 months. He lost 10 pounds during our trip in an RV that summer. Third surgery was a bulging disc in his cervical region. Lots and lots of pain but no paralysis. We were going to euthanize him but decided to have another surgery. Success. No we are again at that gate with another IVDD issue. We thought we did all the right things but a 4th surgery is out of the question. So far we have done conservative treatment but we are not optimistic. He is getting progressively worse. This is a terrible disease but I feel that we did all that we could. This is not about us now. It’s about what is good for the dog. I want people to know that if you can manage the surgery – do it but be very, very vigilant about aftercare. Ask the right questions about re-occurance. I’m glad we did it and that we were able to do it. Good luck to anyone who has a dog with this disease.

Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Beagle
Pet Date of Birth: 05/26/2001
Treatment Cost (USD): $22500.00
Provider Name: Dr. Darrin and Dr. Nanai
Provider Business Name: CARES Langhorne, pa and Emercency Vet Referral, Pensacola, FK
Files of Receipts, Invoices, Documents, etc.:
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