My 3 yr old Maine Coon threw up yesterday morning (looked like her entire breakfast…

My 3 yr old Maine Coon threw up yesterday morning (looked like her entire breakfast) and last night I saw her drinking out of the dog’s water bowl twice in several hours. Since I switched her to only wet food 2 years ago I have never seen her drink any water. She is playing and eating and nothing else seems off so far. It is possible I am being overly concerned but she has had health issues in the past.
I will continue to observe, but I am wondering if she now has diabetes.


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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Carole, Thanks for the question. I don’t think that vomiting once is a cause for too much concern. Especially if it was undigested food in a large full meal amount. Cats should have their food digested and moved out of the stomach about three hours after eating a meal. If you see vomited food after three hours, or if the vomiting continues, then I would recommend a visit to your vet’s office for an examination. Cats most commonly will vomit their undigested food shortly after eating if they have eaten too much too quickly. It is sort of the… Read more »