I have a 12yr old female boxer named Sasha. She is routinely treated every month…

I have a 12yr old female boxer named Sasha. She is routinely treated every month with Frontline. I’ve noticed recently that she will have random bouts of licking the air in a repetitive fashion and salivating.

Tonight I gave her the monthly dose of frontline and about two hours later she started the active licking of the air and ground and I began to think maybe there is a coloration between the frontline and the licking.

Unfortunately, I can’t recall if this happened at the same time of last months dose. I plan on watching next month more closely.

Is it possible for Frontline to have this type of side effect? thank you for your advice!! ~kelly

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Jana Rade
7 years ago

Kelly, I looked high and low and it seems there is some possibility that could be the case. Is there any chance she could have licked the area of application? That connection would be quite strong. Other than that, there are some sources, with various degree of apparent reliability that mention this as possible side effect, thought I could see it as a remote possibility only. That said, I know from experience that an individual can have all kinds of crazy reactions one would not expect. You are using a product from your veterinarian, not some knock off brand, right?… Read more »