is it time for him to be put to sleep he is 16 years…

is it time for him to be put to sleep he is 16 years old, for the last year he has started weeing and pooing all round the house, we have took him out and when we have got back he has gone upstairs and pood in the bedroom, he frequently toilets on the stairs no matter how long he has been out, recently he pood right next to me, today after been out i noticed he had peed on the sofa cushions, sometimes he has tremors which last a couple of minutes then pass could this be related, we have a new grandson who is ready to start crawling but the dog has ruined most of our carpets round the house, and it is starting to smell, we have tried keeping him in certain parts of the house but he howls as he normally sleeps at the top of the stairs, and he will toilet anytime. we love scamp to bits but we don’t know what to do

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hello Adam, sorry to hear about your Yorkie. I’m afraid hes a very old man now, to   reach the age of 16 hes done remarkably well. He’s now become doubly incontinent. This happens sometimes and he really doesn’t know hes doing it, he no longer has control of his bladder and bowels. Its not his fault. As to whether you have him euthanised because of it, is your decision alone.  You could buy him a belly band to deal with the urine but you would still have the faeces. I guess you will have to decide if he still has… Read more »