I just got a kitten 3 days ago. She hasn’t been very active since I’ve…

I just got a kitten 3 days ago. She hasn’t been very active since I’ve got her. The two days, she hid a lot and wouldn’t come out unless she had to use the bathroom, eat, or drink. Today, she’s been extremely lethargic. She would lay in the same spot all day, sleep off and on, or just sit there and stare. She doesn’t drink water very much, but when you put her close to the water bowl, she will start drinking. She eats with no problem. I give her wet cat food (fancy feast) and there’s dry cat food out as an option for her to eat on (acana kitten and cat). Earlier, she went to the litter box and I heard her meow loudly and I went to go check on her, and i moved her out of the litter box before she covered her stool. I examined her stool with a rubber glove to see that there was a streak of blood. Her stool also looks slimy and mucusy. I tried getting her to play with a string, she’s not playful but she ran after it for a bit. Her gums are light light pink and pale. The earliest I can get her to the vet is Wednesday. Also, I exposed my first cat to her, not thinking clearly of what this kitten could have.. They’ve shared water bowls, litter boxes, and food. Any idea what it could be or am I stressing and freaking myself out too much?

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5 years ago

she really needs a vet now.  please get her in.